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Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pauline Y. Atilite is a wife and a mother of two, who dreamed of becoming a writer from an early age. In 2022, she convinced herself that it’s never too late to be what you might have been and decided to start her own publishing company, Guess and Learn, LLC, which is bringing up stories inspired by daily-life topics in an engaging manner to sharpen children’s critical thinking and improve early reading skills while promoting diversity, community, and social inclusion. 

Aviva M. Cantor 

Aviva M. Cantor is a self-published children’s book author and professional copywriter. Her autobiographical children’s book honors the memory of her big brother, Jeremy, who was mentally and physically disabled. In ‘I Can Understand,’ a unique sibling relationship helps promote love, acceptance, and understanding. Outside of writing, Aviva is a competitive figure skater and an avid knitter. This is her first publication. 

Julie Ilondo is the co author of two children books, Meeting the okapi and Meeting the bonobo. Two rare species that can only be found in the Congo in the wild.

 She is a journalist, passionate about environmental issues and educating children.

She is currently working on three other children's books that should be published later this year.

Jodi Moore is author of the award-winning WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN, WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN AGAIN, I LOVE MY DRAGON and GOOD NEWS NELSON, and is following a path – and dream – to illustrate her own stories! The proud mother of two talented sons, she never ceases to be amazed at how far the umbilical cord will stretch. She lives in Boalsburg with husband, Larry, and an ever-changing bunch of characters in her head. 

I graduated from Penn State ('73 EKED) and then received a MS in Reading from SUNY ('79). I was a Reading Specialist for many years and taught third grade for nine years.  I wrote sentences and stories for my students with their interests in mind and to practice words they were struggling to read. I decided to write books about the Nittany Lion to help motivate them to read and as stepping stones to other books. 

The 2022 MG first place winner of the Kid’s Choice KIDLIT Writing Contest, Gayle C. Krause is a PAL SCBWI member and a past member of the 12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge, The Historical Novel Society, and The Poets’ Garage. She teaches writing seminars to published Kidlit creatives and new children’s writers. A former Education Academy chair in a Career and Technical Center, she instructed prospective teachers in Children’s Literature, Child Development, and directed a Pre-K Nursery in conjunction with her program. She has six published children’s books and constantly writes new ones. 

With a background in early childhood education, and as an alumna of the Penn State Blue Band, Jacqueline wrote this rhyming children's book to teach readers about all the instruments that make up the Blue Band, and many other marching bands! How does each one make sound? What do they look like? This book strives to get young readers interested in making music and learning about coming together to form a whole song! 

Alumni will love the accurate uniforms and Blue Band building drawings. Music lovers from everywhere will love a little girl's curious nature in discovering where that peppy music comes from!  Jacqueline strives to bring her love of music and love of reading together in this musical adventure. 

Melissa Trempe has swum with sharks and hiked a volcano, but her greatest adventure has been writing for children! She taught elementary and middle school and now loves connecting with readers at school visits. Melissa lives outside of Philadelphia and is excited to travel for book events. She writes both fiction and nonfiction for children and hopes to make the world a better place one book at a time. Learn more about her at, on X/Twitter @melissa_trempe, and Instagram 

ABV Publishing is a full-service publishing house publishing new works of fiction and non-fiction from authors in Eastern Europe and the Eastern United States. Based in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania and founded by Bulgarian native Adelina Hristova, our publishing house bridges the gap between East and East by publishing books for readers interested in stories that are inspired by life and culture in our creators' and Adelina’s shared worlds‒an ocean apart but only a book away.