In the Lot - Comics

Kara Ballenger is a graphic designer and illustrator who puts a special emphasis on depicting characters from marginalized groups. Kara has chosen to predominantly work as a freelance artist and at a lower rate of pay than most of her competition because she believes that everyone deserves a chance to advance their careers, and if she is able to assist them with her art, she is more than happy to do so.

Firesphere Media is a self published graphic novel and media company that represents the lgbtqa+ community with inclusive stories and characters. We also create fanart and other commissions on all sorts of items.

Jason Lenox creates his own independent Sci-fi Fantasy comic, Lords of the Cosmos, the fourth issue will be released in Spring 2021, under the UGLI Studios imprint. He also creates original artwork based on themes of Dystopia, Mythology, the Occult and Satanism. New and Old customers will find his books, prints, tee shirts, stickers and original artwork for sale in person, or online via his Etsy storefront.